Gunite Construction Company
Providing Specialty Concrete Services Since 1926 tel: 740-676-2172 fax: 740-676-1549

Gunite Construction Company
tel: 740-676-2172
fax: 740-676-1549
Gunite Construction Company, service the United States since 1926.
Scope of Work and Services:
  • Gunite
  • Shotcrete
  • Pressure Grouting
  • Chemical Grouting
  • Cellular Concrete
  • Compaction Grout
  • Soil Nailing
  • Tie Back
  • Micropiles
  • Pneumatic Backfill
  • Rock Drilling
  • Rock Bolting
  • Post Tensioned Anchoring
  • Slabjacking
  • Concrete Pumping
  • Refractory
  • Cathodic Protection


We perform various types of mine related services.  We provide application of gunite to underground and surface mine projects.  Gunite is the long-term answer to roof control and support on underground haulage, belt drives and highly traveled entries.  Gunite has proven itself over time to be more durable in underground applications than any other coating method.  We have lined various slopes, shafts and entries in our 84 years of service to the industry.  our patented process of application has pumped materieal over one mile from the batching site on the surface to the point of application underground.  This process lends itself to remote underground work such as mine seals or old returns.  Water control is another service covered by our experience in the application of various grouts and seals.  We also perform underground concrete footer work as well as drilling and bolting.
Surface mine projects, such as highwall retention and slope stabilization, also lend themselves to the Gunite process.  There is virtually no better method of in-place support than Gunite.  Other surface services we provide include auger hold backfilling, abandoned entry backfill and various structure grouting.  We can help your company find the right solution to your potential problem and execute work in a 100% safe manner.  There is no substitute for experience.
Concrete Repair
We have been repairing structurally failed concrete for 84 years.  Regardless of the conditions or situation, Gunite can help your company determine the best and most cost effective fix.  Gunite or shotcrete work hand-in-hand with rebar and wire mesh to repair any concrete structure to its original shape and strength.  Bridges, abutments, walls, and overhead applications are a few of the more common fixes.  No matter what strength requirement is needed, we can provide a mix design and application for your company to achieve its goal.
Chemical or cementitous grouting are often used in crack repair or void fills.  We provide accurate pressure grouting of various materials which can be used in a variety of methods.  The flexibility of grouting can be used for water control, sealing, and structural repair.  We can help determine the right application and material for your company's unique repair situation.
Sewer and Culvert Repair
We provide culvert repair at a fraction of the cost of replacement.  Gunite can be applied to the inside of a box, or circular culvert to produce a concrete coating at any thickness.  The coating bonds with the existing material whether concrete, brick, stone, or steel.  The result is a repaired culvert with no disruption in water flow inside or traffic flow above.  Gunite Construction can refurbish roof, ribs, invert, and any inflow in an existing culvert regardless of accessibility or design.  In 84 years, we have provided services to repair or totally rehab many different types and sizes of culverts.  We can help your company choose the correct application and finish for your failing sanitary or combined sewer system.  We can provide a mix design and application that will meet or exceed your DOT or engineering requirements.
We also provide various systems of pressure grouting for inflow plugging.  Construction joint repair and manhole deterioration also lend themselves to the grouting process.
Void Backfill
We are highly experienced in pneumatic stowing to provide positive void filling.  In 84 years of work we have filled various sizes and types of underground mine entries, shafts, auger holes and washout cavities.  We have places thousands of cubic yards of aggregate and grout of all sizes.  We can help your company with a solution to fill any type of void, even in remote and limited access situations.  Through pumping, conveying, or stowing, Gunite provides cavity filling at a fraction of the cost of excavation.  Our patented methods of mixing and placing material have a minimal impact on surrounding jobsite environments.
Drilling and Bolting
We provide rock drilling and bolting for shoring on slopes, walls and tunnels.  Depending on the application, we install various types and sizes of rock and soil bolts including epoxy, mechanical, and fully grouted in place.  We can help your company achieve the required result with installation of welded wire and rebar to meet specs associated with shotcrete or gunite.